TBD. EDIT (designer's choice)

TBD. EDIT (designer's choice)

The TBD. Edit is where our designers will create a special bouq using our trademark techniques, crafting a dimensional design, using fresh, luxury stems. We will typically share the flowers being used on our Instagram.


PLEASE NOTE: The arrangement will be not exactly like photo, as our stems vary day to day.


*Non-Contact delivery and pickup guidelines still in effect

  • Contact-Free Delivery

    In compliance with the CDC, all deliveries will be left at the door of the destination. We will knock/ ring bell, however, we will not wait for an answer. We will send a confirmation of delivery via email. 

  • Delivery Territory

    Deliveries are available in Philadelphia, and it's IMMEDIATE vicinity, delivering to destinations within 20 miles of our studio in Delaware County. Always feel free to email us with any territory questions at hello@tbdconcepts.net.

  • Curbside Pick Up

    Curbside pick ups will be held at Rittenhouse Hill Apartments located at 633 W. Rittenhouse St., Philadelphia, PA., 19144. Simply call us when you arrive during the pick up window, and we will bring your arrangement out to you. Phone Number is provided in confirmation email.