TBD. Flamingo Peony Bouq

TBD. Flamingo Peony Bouq

A dimensional burst of farm fresh, luxury peony stems wrapped in our trademark style. Three sizes available: a handful = half dozen, double handful, and triple handful, adorned in waterproof floral wrap, and laced with TBD. branded ribbon.


Peonies may arrive in a semi-opened state, don't worry, they'll POP!


  • Peony Cheat Sheet

    Peonies (especially Coral Charm) are gorgeous, but not the longest lasting flower, they tend to be sensitive. Typically, they fully open within 24 hours and will last 2-3 days before petals start to fade and drop. We recommend maintaining 2-3 inches of room temperature water in your vase, and keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Curbside Pick Up

    Curbside Pickups will be held this Saturday, May 29th from 10am-12pm at Rittenhouse Hill Apartments, 633 W. Rittenhouse St., Philadelphia, PA 19144.