TBD. MD Pink Peony Bouq

TBD. MD Pink Peony Bouq

A dimensional burst of fresh, luxury, pink peony stems with italian foliage, contained in our signature black or white container. Peonies may arrive in a semi-opened state, don't worry, they'll POP! *pictured is a bouquet of twenty stems in semi-opened state


We are currently delivering to Philadelphia and its immediate suburbs. If you are looking to order out of state, please contact us directly by emailing hello@tbdconcepts.net.

  • Contact-Free Delivery

    In compliance with the CDC, all deliveries will be left at the door of the destination. We will knock/ ring bell, however, we will not wait for an answer. We will send a confirmation of delivery via email. 

  • Peony Cheat Sheet

    Peonies (especially Coral Charm) are gorgeous, but not the longest lasting flower, they tend to be sensitive. Typically, they fully open within 24 hours and will last 2-3 days before petals start to fade and drop. We recommend maintaining 2-3 inches of room temperature water in your vase, and keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Delivery Territory

    We currently deliver to Philadelphia and surrounding areas only. Not sure if you are in our territory? Email us at hello@tbdconcepts.net