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BALLOONS by tbd.


TBD. uses the highest grade balloons manufactured, however, even the world's best balloons are fragile products with a relatively short life span. When ordering or sending balloons, expect to enjoy them for 2 days if used indoors, and less than a full day if used outdoors. Under ideal conditions, balloons can float and/or remain filled much longer, however, since we can't control the environment outside of our studio, we do not make any guarantees.


Balloon Performance

We use a variety of the highest quality balloons, industrial grade helium, and the most advanced techniques and designs. Below you will find information that will provide insight and ways to extend your balloon's lifetime.

Studio Pick-Up

When ordering your balloon arrangement, please consider your vehicle's cargo along with what is being stored inside. Please survey the area where your balloons will be stored, making sure there are no sharp objects or items with sharp corners. We are not responsible for balloons that pop while inside your car.

Balloon Deliveries

Once the balloons have been delivered to the designated delivery location, PETALS by tbd. considers the delivery successfully completed. Because third parties can get involved in transferring, removing, rearranging, or otherwise damaging balloons, any such treatment may diminish float time and balloons may get tangled, separated, misplaced, or otherwise damaged. BalloonPlanet does not accept responsibility for any such damages to an order.

There are no float time guarantees for a delivery made to or received by a third party, such as a front desk staff person, doorman, concierge, mail room, or loading dock. There are also no float time guarantee when balloons are moved from the original delivery location to a secondary location. 

Float Times

Cold air, hot air, high humidity, changing barometric pressure, high altitudes, and moving air from fans and vents will reduce balloon float times. Changing conditions mean that on some occasions balloons may float for only one day, and on other occasions the same balloons may float for many days. In optimum environments, mylar (foil) balloons will remain full and taught for 2 days. Air-conditioned air may cause these balloons to shrivel, but they will return to a normal state when exposed to warmer air.

Glossy vs. Matte

When latex balloons are first inflated, they will have a glossy surface. Some designs will be both glossy and translucent. This can be a temporary state. The glossy finish may have turn to a matte finish, and the translucent quality may become opaque. These changes are the result of oxidation, which occurs with certain meteorological conditions. This is normal, and there is no practical treatment that can prevent this transformation.


In some cases, a substitution may be necessary. In cases where we must make a substantial change, we will contact you for approval. If we are unable to reach you we will proceed with the delivery using the best aesthetic decision.

Safety Precautions

A. Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen).

B. Do not release mylar (foil) balloons outdoors. Power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines.

C. Popped latex balloons present a choking hazard for small children. Do not leave small children unaccompanied with latex balloons.

Balloon Styling

Because balloons usually twist and turn when disturbed or moved, we do not guarantee that they will arrive or remain in a specific formation. However, they can easily be untied from their anchor and re-arranged as desired. Illustrations on bouquet products attempt to show most of the front view of each balloon used in the bouquet. It may not accurately represent how the bouquet will appear in person. 

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